February 13, 2009

A Small Request

Would it be asking too much for drug stores, gas stations, and supermarkets to carry baseball cards? After going to all Targets within a reasonable driving distance, my job (which was only to return keys, but that's another story), I really feel like once those stores close there needs to be something in case you are having a wrapper attack. That's what I might call it, a wrapper attack. I think it was McDonalds that used to advertise a Big Mac Attack, not to be confused with McDowells from Coming to America because they had the golden arcs, not the golden arches if you recall.

I did make a small, insignificant purchase earlier but told myself I had to wait until everything closed to be able to open said purchase in case I got nothing good I would not be able to buy anything else. I keep telling myself I am not going to buy anything until Heritage comes out, but I am itching to open things. It really is a problem. Does anyone else know of any places that are open 24 hours with baseball cards?

P.S. If anyone needs a Christmas gift for me, that picture in real life on my driveway would be super. Then we could have a giant blog party opening all of it, promise.

I have a contest ready to go, and it is going to be posted probably Sunday or Monday evening. It is going to be a wacky off the wall question that I am still trying to come up with. The prize will be disclosed prior to the question.


  1. I hate to say this but Wal-Mart.

    I have to keep myself from buying the 40% off retail blasters at my local K-Mart. All the Hockey stuff, all the football and the 08 baseball. It keeps me tempted.

  2. There is a drug store very close to me that does not sell any cards. I constantly talk about how much more money they could make if they sold cards. I keep threatening to bring it up to someone who works at the store, but they're not exactly the friendly types.

  3. 7-11's in NJ are open 24 hours and sell cards. I saw an 08 Upper Deck Football Heroes blaster there among other stuff. Don't know if it is like that where you are. Try living in PA where all I have is Wal-Mart and the internet! It gets tough.
    Sometimes for fun I like to order a box of 1980's stuff and sit down and open all the packs. That is very refreshing and it takes me back to my childhood. Most of the 1980's stuff costs the same as a blaster these days.

  4. Unfortunately, I don't think it's gonna happen. When I was a kid you could get baseball cards at drug stores, confectionairies, almost anywhere. Of course packs were a nickle back then. The QT's I go to in the St. Louis area stopped carrying cards. It's too bad.