February 5, 2009

On A Mission

OK, we are going to stink at updating this today and I apologize. We are still sorting the base cards out, and now have stumbled upon a problem. We have no where to put them. Way to go! So we are going on a mission shortly to retrieve the proper storage boxes for all of this, and some stuff to mail out sets.

We have everyone's requests in our mailbox right now, and we have just made 2 complete sets, and then are going to work on breaking down other boxes into team sets and will e-mail whoever was interested in purchasing those sets.

We have a couple of things about this set we want to share with everyone once we are done organizing it all.

We also made sure we went to Target last night in search of 2009 UD, and there was nothing. We weren't happy about it so we continued on to Wal-Mart, and well we found nothing there either. It was a bust.

Not for nothing, I am not sure where we would have put anymore cards at this point. This case has taken over Suzy's living room, and consumed our lives for now. I think once we get some boxes, this will look like we got something done. Check out the scans if you want that are on eBay, we may post some on here as well if you missed the case break.

Stay tuned for our product review sometime later.
The card pictured is /20.


  1. Funny, I found Upper Deck yesterday and still can't find Topps ANYWHERE.

  2. I wish we could find some. Get any Pujols cards so I can stop looking?

  3. I only got a Cardinals team leaders card that features Pujols as one of the three players. If you want it, email me your address and I'll send it off.

  4. I'm in the same boat. Went to Target and all they had was Topps 09. Went to Walmart, all they had was Updates and Highlights (pathetic). No Upper Deck to be found anywhere.

  5. That is an awesome George Sisler card! I have become very interested in the old St. Louis Browns recently - stay tuned to my blog to find out why ...

  6. UPDATE: We found one store with 09 UD, and they wanted $6.89 per 20 card pack. Needless to say, we left with storage boxes and nothing more.

  7. Hey! With the Legends Patch cards you've pulled, I've made an anagram:

    Ear Ash

    That seems to be the most fun with those letter patch cards--spelling out something tremendously awesome, like:

    Has Ear
    Rah Sea
    A Share

    Possibilities are almost endless! (or maybe about 30 or so)

  8. WOw, I really like that bat card! Did you happen to pull any Freddy Sandovals? PLMK, Thanks a lot!