February 18, 2009

More to 2009 Topps

After opening an entire case of 2009 Topps, we thought we saw everything we needed to when it came to the brand.

We were wrong.

After making a trip to Target for no other reason than to stare at the cardboard aisle, I saw there was something different in the Topps blaster. Marie had sent me a picture earlier stating that you could get commemorative patches of legends. She thought, as did I at the time, that the cards were the ones we pulled out the case, the letter patches. However, after reading the packages, there is an entirely different set out there for collectors.

The patches are replicas of important events that these players have participated in.

Here are photos on eBay of examples of these cards.

According to Beckett, there are 50 different cards in the set.

LPR1 - Babe Ruth1921 World Series
LPR2 - Babe Ruth1927 World Series
LPR3 - Lou Gehrig1928 World Series
LPR4 - Lou Gehrig1933 All-Star Game
LPR5 - Jimmie Foxx1934 All-Star Game
LPR6 - Mel Ott1934 All-Star Game
LPR7 - Ted Williams1946 All-Star Game
LPR8 - Ted Williams1949 All-Star Game
LPR9 - Jackie Robinson1949 All-Star Game
LPR10 - Roy Campanella1949 All-Star Game
LPR11 - Mickey Mantle 1951 World Series
LPR12 - Mickey Mantle 1952 World Series
LPR13 - Ted Williams1953 All-Star Game
LPR14 - Roy Campanella1953 All-Star Game
LPR15 - Ted Williams1954 All-Star Game
LPR16 - Mickey Mantle 1954 All-Star Game
LPR17 - Duke Snider1954 All-Star Game
LPR18 - Whitey Ford1954 All-Star Game
LPR19 - Jackie Robinson1955 World Series
LPR20 - Mickey Mantle 1956 World Series
LPR21 - Don Larsen1956 World Series
LPR22 - Ted Williams1960 All-Star Game, Yankee Stadium
LPR23 - Ernie Banks1960 All-Star Game, Yankee Stadium
LPR24 - Roberto Clemente 1961 All-Star Game, Candlestick Park
LPR25 - Roberto Clemente 1962 All-Star Game, RFK Stadium
LPR26 - Roberto Clemente 1962 All-Star Game, Wrigley Field
LPR27 - Ernie Banks1962 All-Star Game, Wrigley Field
LPR28 - Mickey Mantle 1962 World Series
LPR29 - Roberto Clemente 1963 All-Star Game
LPR30 - Nolan Ryan1969 World Series
LPR31 - Tom Seaver1969 World Series
LPR32 - Roberto Clemente 1971 All-Star Game
LPR33 - Thurman Munson1971 All-Star Game
LPR34 - Carl Yastrzemski1971 All-Star Game
LPR35 - Nolan Ryan1972 All-Star Game
LPR36 - Bob Gibson1972 All-Star Game
LPR37 - Carl Yastrzemski1972 All-Star Game
LPR38 - Nolan Ryan1973 All-Star Game
LPR39 - Tom Seaver1973 All-Star Game
LPR40 - Reggie Jackson1973 World Series
LPR41 - Reggie Jackson1977 World Series
LPR42 - Thurman Munson1978 World Series
LPR43 - Cal Ripken1983 All-Star Game
LPR44 - Mike Schmidt1983 All-Star Game
LPR45 - Cal Ripken1983 World Series
LPR46 - Nolan Ryan1985 All-Star Game
LPR47 - Cal Ripken1985 All-Star Game
LPR48 - Nolan Ryan1989 All-Star Game
LPR49 - Cal Ripken1989 All-Star Game
LPR50 - Cal Ripken2001 All-Star Game


  1. What the heck?
    No Ray Fosse heaped in pain after Pete Rose slams him 1970 All-Star Game Patch?

  2. Wow, retail actually got something cool for a change. That Ripken card looks great.

    I know I'd love to have the Seaver cards in my collection.

  3. That would be really cool if they weren't replicas (and if there wasn't so much player duplication in the checklist.)

  4. Usually not a big fan of non-GU patch cards, but that's mostly when they're limited to 25 or less, as if a low number of them makes them cooler. More like it makes just a small number of unwanted items, rather than a large one.

    However, in higher quantities, with a nice design, this could be *gasp* a set that average-income people could put together, and *whoo* actual demand might drive the value of the cards! (Dare I dream?)

    Let's hear it for nice cards at higher quantities (I hope), than this artificial scarcity thing that's more overplayed than a Katy Perry song.

  5. Those are really nice looking. But there are 14 Yankees. Going to be tough for us Yankee team collectors.

  6. Neat, Kind of like the manufactured patch cards that Upper Deck did a couple of years ago, but in a retail product. The checklist is pretty dang good even without a Brave in sight. With my luck my lone blaster purchase would net me Don Larson.