February 15, 2009

I Never Met a Red Sox Fan I Liked...

until about a week ago, at least. I met "Section 36" through a trade proposition e-mail in which he scanned a bunch of cards that he thought I might want, including some Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. He was interested in Red Sox cards, which is great because all I would use them for otherwise is kindling for Sooz's Chipper fires.

Here is what I escaped with from Section 36, this doesn't include my favorite card that I somehow forgot to scan. My favorite from this trade was a 2003 Bowman Heritage First Year Robinson Cano card that I have wanted for quite some time. I put him in my binder already and I am too lazy to take him out and scan him. Sorry.

With all the Red Sox cards I have laying around, and Section 36 not liking the Yankees I think him and I might get along famously well.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the kind words. From my end, any time I can increase the number of Sox cards in my collection, while decreasing the number of Yankees, it was a great deal. You'll definately be the first place I go whenever I get more pinstripers.