February 19, 2009

"Honey, about that car ..."

This week's SI cover story features Cole Hamels ... you know that guy, the 2008 World Series MVP. He had a great performance throughout the playoffs and looked unstoppable.

As far as the article goes, there wasn't much in there I didn't know about Hamels. Although, I suspect that those who don't know about the Phillies as well as I do will learn some information, including the bar fight he got into when he was in the minor leagues.

The story was mostly related with his relationship with his wife Heidi (people might know about her than him) and how she has helped him come out of his shell and embrace the media. Apparently, he is striving to be the next Derek Jeter or Tiger Woods.

His celebrity status has gotten him spots on David Letterman and The Ellen Generes Show. He's also been to book signings, autograph signings and Q&A sessions.

But the new found fame doesn't get him a car, at least not right away. According to the SI article, Heidi is still waiting for that Camaro.

And the misunderstanding over the 2010 Chevy Camaro he won as the World Series MVP and promised in a post game interview to give to Heidi. ("I kept waiting for them to deliver it, so I finally called and they said you have to order it online, and it'll take eight months. I was like, I thought I just for the one that was on the field!")

Oh yeah, and they plan on adopting an Ethiopian and his sibling.


  1. I would wait 8 years for that car if it were free. That is my favorite car.

  2. "You have to order it...oh yeah, don't forget to pay for it".

  3. I am sure the shipping and handling charges will be outrageous

  4. Maybe in a different color scheme.

    I saw a 67 Camaro at inspection last week. Absolutely beautiful. White vinyl hard top, and an interesting shade of blue for the body. I think it was an SS as well.

  5. Marie is the car one. She LOVES camaros and chevelles. But I do like the SS and I like them all in blue.

    My boyfriend has a 67 Mustang in blue and I like it.