February 10, 2009

Hi my name Sooz and I'm a cardboardaholic...

... it's been 40 days I last bought a pack.

New Year’s resolutions are usually forgotten by now. It is February and that stuff is only talked about at the beginning of the year. But a month (and a few days) into the year, my resolution is firmly intact – minus the flub on Jan. 1. We all know they don’t really begin until Jan. 2.

However, it’s wavering. For those of who don’t know or don’t remember the resolution was to leave the packs and boxes on the shelves and only purchase the cards I want in an effort to save money and stop all the clutter. I have boxes and boxes full of cards that are in this OCD-type of organization. I don’t want these cards (and would love to trade away), so I don't need any more.

I’ve wanted to purchase new packs of Upper Deck. Every time I think about heading to the card shop to get the $5 packs, I remind myself I can purchase the cards I want for the same amount of money on the Bay.

Opening the entire case of Topps jumbo only gave my pack-ripping fix a jolt for a few days. However, it’s been nearly a week since. I don’t want to spend money I could use to pay bills and cardboard that I don’t want.

But I need to rip something open.

Maybe I can an open pack somewhere around the house and reseal it with a number of cards I like.

That should do the trick.

(For anyone wondering, card purchased by Marie and I in a case for the purpose of our business venture do not count towards my New Year's resolution).


  1. I've got a Jeter RC with him wearing a dress for trade.

    Any interest?

  2. I had a resolution as well, I don't remember it though. If it were one of two things, I broke them both.

  3. I'd be in deep blog trouble if I resolved to stop buying baseball cards.

  4. tell her it's part of her job for the blog.

  5. You've got a perfect out, though...opening stuff and then not keeping it. The clutter is a definite concerning factor. And for blogging, can you concentrate just on your focused eBay purchases? Oh who am I kidding. But I have enjoyed briefly participating in this demonstration of willpower.

  6. Well, for now I have trades that I need to post. I'm terrible at posting them because I just have a general dislike for scanning. Perhaps I'll just take a picture of them.

    So for now, that's all of three blogs I can post.

    Captain, no problem. I'll trade for a pile of Chipper Jones card ashes.

  7. Resolutions were made to be broken. Buy a pack, you'll feel better I promise. You know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it.