February 13, 2009

Had enough ARod?

This moved from the Associated Press:

NEW YORK — An unauthorized and highly anticipated book about Alex Rodriguez is coming out a month sooner than planned.

Publication of Selena Roberts’ “A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez” has been moved up from May 19 to April 14 as scrutiny builds on the Yankees slugger after he acknowledged using banned substances from 2001-2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers.“A-Rod,” which reportedly includes salacious details about Rodriquez’s private life, was originally titled “Hit and Run: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez.” Publisher HarperCollins, which this week listed the new release date on its Web site, has announced a first printing of 150,000 copies.

The Yankees have their first regular-season game in their new park on April 16.


Other than the story that Roberts wrote on for Sports Illustrated, she also has this book coming out. I haven't kept up on certain Yankees stories because my time is usually spent researching and paying attention to other sporting events for work.

I wasn't aware this book was even slated to come out. It makes everything ARod said about her all the more interesting. Was she ever escorted by police out of his building?

Probably not. It was more likely a security guard or a rent-a-cop on site. But I wonder the depths Roberts went to get her story. I have no problem with her journalism. She is just reporting facts, but the tactics are a little hazy.

When it comes out, I am sure ARod will get his new crisis-management firm, Outside Eyes, to get tell him everything he needs to say in the next interview that takes place. Yes, it's true. He has a crisis management group to get him through this process.

One question: Do the Yankees and Joe Girardi deserve an apology from Alex Rodriguez?



  1. I am not a huge A Rod fan,but he needs an apology from the Union,from MLB, from the labs that processed the samples, from Selena Roberts,from Congress and Bud Selig. This was supposed to be an anonymous sample provided for statistical analysis only. A name should not have been associated with in the first place. After the statistics were arrived at all samples should have been destroyed and all list should have been shredded. For Bud Selig to talk about punishment is ridiculous, since the purpose of the test was for something else. How about revealing the other 103 players on the list. Selena Roberts is suspect since she has a book about him coming, did she do this for publicity or "journalism", if it was "journalism" why not reveal all the names. Are they going to raise the averages of everyone who faced a pitcher on the juice.
    I guess I had better stop and maybe I will post a longer rant on Padrographs.

  2. I just read in The Yankee Years that Major LEague Baseball, during the Winter Meetings in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 actually had the Players Union doctor and the owners doctor lecture on the BENEFITS of testosterone! Now, for taking it, A-Rod is a pariah. I know he took other things but this is not fair. He is not the only one who took them. When Jason Grimsley and Tim Laker are taking them I don't doubt everyone was on them. I am no longer able to be surprised by steroids. They are rife in baseball, football, hockey, and basketball, and every other sport. The chemists will always be ahead of the testers, it is the way it works in this world. The thing about the records, I say let them stand. It wasn't like it was an uneven playing field. When Ken Caminiti and Jose Canseco are saying they were everywhere, well I guess they must be. They have yet to be proven wrong.