February 8, 2009

Friends Don't Let Friends...

sell Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter. How could we do that?

Despite the fact that we buy these for re-sale purposes, we only allow ourselves to keep a handful, if that, of the cards from the cases. Mainly Pujols, Jeter, and our PC guys.

I wanted to show off my newest Pujols cards, which I can't log into Beckett yet because they don't yet exist there. I feel bad for Sooz because there were no Jeter cards, but next time is her turn for fun and cards.

Did anyone by chance pull a gold #290 Pujols, from Topps? I am going to add that to the list of cards I need to hunt down.

I'm pleased, very pleased actually, with what I got out of this case and with what we pulled to re-sell. Topps gets a thumbs up from me on this one. And of course Sooz gets 2 thumbs up for opening the packs with the Pujols sketch and jersey cards.


  1. I really like the sketch card. I'd love to get my hands on that one simply because Brian Kong is my favorite sketch card artist.

  2. I wish for Sooz's series 2 breaks to be just a good as yours!