February 21, 2009

Fantasy Baseball News

Here is the list of teams that are participating in the fantasy baseball league:

Gabe's Babe
The Dude
Grand Cards
Cards on Cards
Victorious Secret
Purple Donkey
Carolina Xfractors
Boneyard Braves
Legion of Boom
The Franchise

For those of you who like to gamble, pick a team based on the name and place your bet. I will post the draft results if I don't become lazy (good chance this will never happen, but I am hopeful).

I used to play alot of pool, and we used to stake a person for a certain amount of money and that side pool went to the person who picked the winning player (or team in this case). If you guys want to do something like that as a side bet amongst the non-participants and do a side prize that might be fun. I don't know if I could keep track of that, but maybe someone else in the league might want to run that one. Could maybe do $5 bucks per team, then whoever picks the winning team gets a box/blaster from that side pool depending on the bet from each person.

I hope that made sense, I know what I am talking about but I feel like it may have translated poorly. But notice, I didn't say who was representing each team in fairness.

E-mails about the draft were sent out earlier today, please take a look at that and get back to me if you need to.


  1. Come on, Marie. It should be obvious to everyone that I named my team "Gabe's Babe" :)

    Haha - anyway, it shouldn't be hard to figure out which team is mine. I've won 7 of the last 8 fantasy baseball leagues that I've been in, so my team might be a good bet. Of course, I normally take it much more seriously than my friends, and this league will probably provide much better competition for me.

  2. lol.

    the name is temporary until i find something more fun.