February 25, 2009

Detox just to retox

I'm not here yet, but the temptation to buy a pack or a blaster is getting stronger by the day. I visited the local Target today just to stare at the cardboard shelf. I looked around and saw that Target finally has Upper Deck blasters.


Then I thought to myself, what do I need this blaster for?

There are several Jeter cards in 2009 Upper Deck. But I have several of them. I did a quick inventory in my head of the cards I had and the cards I needed.

Upper Deck #261
Upper Deck #434
Upper Deck #466
Upper Deck Gold #261
Upper Deck Gold #434
Upper Deck Gold #466
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC16
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Mini #OPC16
Upper Deck Rivals #R2 David Ortiz/ Derek Jeter
Upper Deck Starquest Black Ultra Rare #SQ6
Upper Deck Starquest Common Purple #SQ6
Upper Deck Starquest Common Silver #SQ6
Upper Deck Starquest Emerald Super Rare #SQ6
Upper Deck Starquest Rare Gold #SQ6
Upper Deck Starquest Uncommon Blue #SQ6
Upper Deck Stars of the Game #GGDJ
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey #GJDJ
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Dual #GJDJ /139
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Quad #GJDJ /15
Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Triple #GJDJ /69
Upper Deck UD Game Patch #GJDJ /25

So, there is no common card I need of Jeter. I got all the regular inserts. Pretty much all I need are short-print cards and game-used. Great.

No blaster for me. Back to eBay.

You ever look at your collection and think to yourself, 'Wow, I have a lot of cards.' Then, you look at the checklist and think, 'Why do I do this?'

On a side note (or not) ... I want a box of Heritage.


  1. I am right behind you on this one. I want Heritage so badly.

    Also, I would like to trade for Jeter base cards from UD if anyone has extras.

  2. It's never enough. Collections are meant to grow otherwise they wouldn't be collections they would just be "stuff". We owe it to ourselves and the economy to keep purchasing or something. When the banks come and take our real homes we can always build ourselves a house of cards. Having a house of cards also saves on decorating costs as you don't need art or paintings since you can have the pictures from the cards. Hmmm, either I have gone completely insane or I am on to something.

    Don't say no, scratch the itch!