February 4, 2009

Covered in Wrappers

is now covered in wrappers.

Holy smokes! We are working feverishly to try and get all of the cards listed right now. We will be back with some entertainment later tonight if we don't pass out on the scanner and keyboard, or tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for making our first live case break a success.


  1. Negative. We have gone through all the Mojo-ness and are working on listing now. The base cards, we have not even looked through yet.

  2. This case break was the highlight of the early card season.

  3. Do you consider Gold & Black MOJO or could he be in those?

    Thanks anyway for the fun this evening.

  4. I just re-checked all Gold and black and neither have any Millers. Black parallels are listed on eBay already as are all autographs, patches, gu, and insert sets.

    And thank you Jeffrey =)

  5. Anytime, we are hoping to do a live break for the next case when we decide what we are going to get.

  6. when do you think you will have team sets on the site. Thanks for the fun, it was cool to interact with everyone in real time.

  7. Any ideas so far as to what you're thinking of breaking next? Heritage? Finest?

    ...A Piece of Shitstory? *giggle*

  8. We are thinking about Goudey perhaps.

    Working on the base cards now, hopefully by tomorrow morning team sets and complete sets.

    We appreciate everyone checking it out, and looking at the break.