February 2, 2009

Contest Information

We decided to run the contest as a random drawing on random.org for all the people who entered to make it fair. To ask a question or two and reward the correct answers with prizes will not help everyone because not everyone will be near their computer, and some people may be at work and unable to do it at that moment. Not to mention the fact that anyone can type in a question to Google and get an answer.

Neither of us have a video camera at this point in time so we are telling you this based on the honor system. All names will be entered in the random order generator and the first 3 drawn will win the prizes. 1st name gets first choice, 2nd drawn gets 2nd choice, and so on.

In total, 33 people registered for the drawing.

All names entered between the registration post being posted and 12AM EST this morning will be entered. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for helping us make this blog fun and successful.

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