February 24, 2009

A Cardboard Stalker

That is what I am going to rename the blog if I ever decide to become a Pujols stalker. I search nearly everyday on eBay for Pujols items, which is both sad and costly. However, once in a blue moon you come across something so ridiculous that it makes you question where the average IQ of humans is actually heading. I was searching today simply for "Pujols", no other search terms and I started at the last page as usual to see what was listed in the last 24 hours. I came across this book and my jaw dropped.

I am all for making a quick buck on random things, but really? This is a little crazy, even for me. As much as I love Albert, I don't see myself spending even $50 on this much less $500. I didn't even want my own high school yearbook, why would I want this? Now if he had autographed the book, that may be a different story and may fetch a price in the $500 range. The book is said to be mint, with no writing... I don't know about anyone else, but half the point of high school yearbooks was for people to get them signed, and for a keepsake.

Whatever. If this ended and I was the buyer for some horrible reason, I would invite all of you to come over here and kick me in the you know what for being stupid.

1 comment:

  1. kick you in the you know? that's a bit severe....

    But remember. The IQ of the Universe remains a constant, fixed number. But the population keeps increasing. Do the math.