February 5, 2009

Card Concentration

I am sick of looking at tiny numbers on the back of cards, in case anyone was wondering.

On another note, while driving with Sooz earlier I had a grand idea. We can play concentration on the blog. Does anyone else remember that game? Perhaps the winner will get a prize, or perhaps you will get just a "good job" comment. At this rate, prize is doubtful, but I do have quite a few cool things around.

Here are the pictures to make a sentence:

There was supposed to be a song here also, however I don't know how to get an audio clip.


  1. "Hello old flame" ?

    "Hot Jello Wrestling" ?

    That's it. I'm tapped.

  2. Cherry Bomb by John Mellencamp

  3. If you ever want to put a song on your post just go to YouTube copy and paste the "embed" code of the music video and you can stick it right on your post, like a photo.

  4. I just wanted a clip of the song, one specific part I didn't want to entertain for 3 minutes, just like 20 seconds, lol.