February 13, 2009

Bubble Mailer Catch-Up: Say good-bye to Josh and hello to Derek

I contacted Tricia and The Hamiltonian. After checking out her want list, I noticed I had one card that she needed, a 2008 Topps Chrome Josh Hamilton refractor.

We traded one card for each other. She got the shiny card (ask Marie why they're called shiny. My overbearing bitchy side gets the better of me).

I got this card:

Us chicks got to stick together.


  1. You know it! Thanks for the trade!

    And I'm tempted to ask. But, I won't.....yet.

  2. I'll go for it - Marie, why are the refractors called shiny?

  3. OK, to make a long story really short, I was at a card show and I was looking at a Bernie refractor and the guy told me that was more money because it was shiny. I said, you mean a refractor. Idiot. Just because women go to these shows doesn't mean they are morons and want WNBA and "shiny" cards.

  4. The guy didn't know who he was talking to - you have more knowledge about the hobby than 99% of men!

  5. why would anybody ruin a card of one of the best pitchers in baseball by putting an average middle infielder on it???

    that's a shame right there... a shame.

  6. It's cause he has lots of jewelry, including two rings for World Series wins over the Braves.

    In case you didn't know.

  7. ohhh...... *SNAP!*

    I'm gonna need a drink to put these flames out...