February 23, 2009

Bookcase Breakthrough

Well folks, two weeks later I have finally put it together. There is nothing in it, or on it but it's a start. This is going to be storing card supplies, and smaller boxes of cards and what not. Perhaps once it is filled up I will take a picture of my cheap storage unit. (I just tried to find a picture on Target's website but I don't see it.)

Perhaps next time Sooz is home we will take a trip to that Container Store and check out what's in there. Besides, there is a Target and Wal-mart across the street from each other in White Plains.

For those interested in the Moments & Milestones they mentioned (Lincecum & Ichiro), please e-mail me about that so we can work out a trade this week.

Anyway, I had nothing exciting to say today which is why there was a lapse in my blogging. Sooz was busy working all day on a story, so she was typed out by the end of the night. I am fairly certain everyone survived the day without our antics.

I plan on finishing the Joe Torre book once and for all tonight and writing my review as soon as possible. I only have about 30 pages left, and yes I understand this is taking me forever.


  1. I feel bad about the lack of comments on this post. So I will chime in. I, for one, am dying to see pictures of your new cheap storage unit :)

  2. I plan on finishing the Torre book at work too. Got a little more than you left. I think it is actually a good book.