February 25, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum

When I got to work last night I immediately zeroed in on this new product sitting on the shelf begging me to buy it. But upon closer inspection I saw that not only does Derek Jeter grace the design of this product but so does Kim Kardashian. Seeing her face on a box of baseball cards cemented the fact that I will not buy any of this product unless the cards are handpicked. Why on earth would I buy a box of this with even the slimmest chance of ending up with an autograph of that twit? Way to go Upper Deck. Some of the celebrities they put in products are not terrible, however what makes her a superstar? (I am refraining from saying what I really think, but tap your third eye and figure it out.)

In any case, I have my eye on several Pujols cards from this set on eBay and would much rather do that, and spend maybe $20 bucks and end up with the only cards I even want from the set. I am eagerly holding out for Heritage. While I am trying very hard to not spend money, if I do it is going to be on something that doesn't have "stupid" cards in it, and something that I enjoy every year. I can't say that I have enjoyed Spectrum that much in the past, or have ever pulled anything great from it.

Photo courtesy of Dave & Adam's.


  1. I agree - Spectrum sucks. It is a truly pointless product, and clearly demonstrates Upper Deck's lack of creativity.

  2. I honestly think the Spectrum cards look better this year than last, but that doesn't really say much either. You're definitely better off buying the base/inserts you want and letting some other shmuck pull the Corey Feldman autograph.

  3. Well, I got a sweet deal last night. I picked up the complete 09 Spectrum set for $7.69 and free shipping. Take that Upper Deck and your $95 dollar box of crapola.