February 28, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Complete Set

As many of you know I decided to boycott hobby packs of this product for putting Kim Kardashian on the same box as Derek Jeter. I still don't understand that, but whatever. I was searching eBay as always for some Pujols cards from this set when I can across someone selling complete sets at auction. They were all ending in a relatively short amount of time, and all within minutes of each other from the same seller.

I figured I would bid on the one ending the soonest and if I didn't win, I had 2 more chances. I lost the first one, so I bid on the second. I ended up in a bidding war with someone and gave up when it was at $11 because I really didn't need this set in the first place. Third time is a charm because after a short bidding war with this one, I came away victorious at for $7.69 with FREE shipping. Take that Upper Deck. Hobby packs retail for $6.99 each, and I got the complete set for what it would have cost me for one pack with tax. I win!

I figured I would keep the cards I wanted, and list the rest on eBay and try to make my $8 bucks back. I have a bunch of players I like putting in my albums so by the time I am done, there may not be any left to sell.

Just a quick note on the design, which is that it's boring and purple. Why purple? It's not very masculine, nor does it even look that cool. I'm not even going to start on the Crayola assortment of parallels because I would be here all night.


  1. Good price for a 100 card set.

    The card design makes the players look like they are all some sort of freakish bunch of Civil War double amputees.

  2. It's almost like Upper Deck is purposely trying to put out crappy sets. I wonder if anyone you know would want that Longoria card - maybe they'd be willing to trade a Pujols Heritage card for it :)

  3. I suppose I could part with my Longoria card... sigh.

    In the name of Albert, I can trade almost anything.

  4. That was a nice win. You may have even spent more if you had just tried to buy the cards you wanted individually. It just goes to show there is a time and a place to buy complete sets.