February 10, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series One Pack Breaks

Today at work the UPS guy showed up with three boxes. He had two big ones and a small one that looked like it might have had 2009 Upper Deck inside. I'm getting good at deciphering what is in the shipment boxes by size and shape because I was right. I unpacked the boxes, priced them, then picked which box I wanted to buy my packs from and put it aside.

I opened up the box I set aside and rummaged 2 packs that were to my liking. No method, I just picked the 2 that I had a good feeling about. Here is what was in each pack:

Pack One:

-Bobby Jenks (I love this card, it made me laugh)

-Josh Beckett
-Max Scherzer
-Jay Payton
-Cliff Lee
-Jose Guillen
-Miguel Tejada
-Roy Halladay CL
-Jonathan Niese
-Historic Firsts Predictors - First African American Woman Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

-20th Anniversay Retrospective Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

-Aubrey Huff 42/99 Gold card

-Chris Lambert
-Team Leaders Washington Nationals
-Pat Neshek
-Brian Schneider
-Ryan Doumit
-Ian Kinsler
-Elijah Dukes
-Rocco Baldelli

Pack Two:

-Brandon Webb
-Kosuke Fukudome
-Justin Masterson
-Jair Jurrjens
-Matt Holliday
-Vladimir Guerrero
-Kenny Rogers
-Team Leaders Cardinals (Pujols!)

-Carlos Zambrano Season Highlights
-Yankee Stadium Legacy Game 6662 Jeter (yay, sorry Sooz)

-UD Game Jersey Victor Martinez (game used jersey card)

-David Nick USA Baseball (he was born in 1990, boy do I feel old)

-Team Leaders Rays
-Jim Thome Season Highlights
-Cole Hamels
-Kevin Slowey
-Ryan Braun
-Moises Alou
-Bengie Molina
-Hank Blalock
-Chad Cordero


  1. you feel old, I was 33 in 1990.

  2. While we're comparing age groups of collector's , I was 49 in '90 and have my 40th HS reunion this summer.

  3. Pack 2, Jair Jurrjens, best card, hands down.