February 27, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Rack Packs

These have finally surfaced around here, where Sooz and myself live. This week was our first sightings of 2009 Upper Deck retail products. We each picked up a rack pack the other day and we both came away with air, as in nothing great. I remember last year you got at least one Yankee Stadium Legacy card in each rack pack, and neither one of us pulled one. We each got 2 Starquest Purple commons, mine were Vladimir Guerrero and Lance Berkman. I have no recollection of who she got, but they were not anyone either of us cared for. Sooz did get a Jeter base card that I am stealing since she had it already, and I got a Yankees team leaders card which she will get since Jeter is on it and I have it.

One thing Sooz noticed and wanted to write about, was that the packs no longer have see through backs. They are silver indicating no sneak peeks at what insert card you might get in them. (I am giving Sooz credit for the observation) I don't like that, I think half the fun of these was rummaging to find a Pujols or Jeter pack to buy. Now, I will not buy another one because I really have no interest in putting this set together. All of my cards are available for trade.

Stop back some time later when I show off the missing link...


  1. I love these.... although the '09 baseball is still nowhere in sight.
    The '09 UD hockey still has the clear backs. And you are dead right. Half the fun is looking and finding a rack with one you need on the back.

  2. They probably lost out on any sales to me. I'd usually look through them to see if I could spot any Mets inserts through the clear backs.

  3. I think that not being able to see the back really kills the idea of a rack pack. They're always been that way, that's really dumb if you ask me. THe reason they're doing that, I'm pretty sure, is that all of the wrappers have an Upper Deck U code inside them for some game online and they don't want people to get the code without buying it. Who cares about the code, I just bought a box of UD today and I didn't even look at the codes. It seems like a big waste of time.

  4. 09 ud series 2 hockey did not have the clear backs when i bought them, and trust me i opened 75+ of them this week......if you see some in your local targets buy as many as you can afford you will be quite surprised