February 6, 2009

2009 Topps Team Sets

You guys spent a lot of time with us on Wednesday, entertaining us and checking out the cards. Some also made a mention that you would like team sets from the 2009 Topps case. So before listing the team set on eBay, we thought we'd give you guys first crack at the cards. We finally got the cards organized.

The sets (depending on the number of cards for each team) will range from $1 to $5. Shipping for these team sets would be just $2.

Shoot us an email and Marie is the best when it comes to shipping cards. You'll get them pretty fast.


  1. Thanks for doing all of this work! I'm jealous that you got to bust into so much, but my fingers are aching just thinking about all of the collating and typing you both have likely been doing.

  2. LOL, you have no idea. The thought of purchasing anymore Topps would make we throw myself from a cliff.

    Upper Deck is fair game though.

  3. Sooz I got a Turkey Red Kevin Kouzmanoff out of the 2009 Topps, do you need want it.

  4. We actually got a double of that, but I appreciate you looking out.