February 8, 2009

2009 Fantasy Baseball League Payments

Here are the confirmed people in the league:

The following people are confirmed for the league:

-Grand Cards
-Fielders Choice
-Captain Canuck
-Todd Uncommon

Grand cards has paid for his spot already, and I'm waiting on everyone else. Once everyone is paid I will set the league up. As far as rosters and etc. Sooz is better at it than I am so she will work with you guys and me on fixing it up.

Payments are $20 (please pay from a checking account on Paypal so we don't have to pay a fee, or if you are paying with a CC please send $20.50) to cardbandits@gmail.com.

I am working on a post from a newspaper I picked up today, and I think most people will find interesting if you haven't picked it up yet. Be back later.