January 23, 2009

Yankee Stadium Legacy Travels From Singapore

I received an e-mail from Aik Sheng a while ago telling me that he had some Yankee Stadium Legacy cards for trade if I was interested. It took me a couple of days to get back to him, but thankfully he still had them and was still willing to talk shop with me. He collects Ken Griffey Jr. and Nick Swisher so we worked out a deal for some of those cards for 9 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.

The cards arrived today in perfect order. I got the following games:

-5103 Tommy John
-5128 Don Mattingly
-5153 Dave Righetti
-5689 Joe Torre
-6261 Roger Clemens
-6286 Andy Pettitte
-6311 Mariano Rivera
-6336 Hideki Matsui
-6361 Jorge Posada

So for all of you out there that are apprehensive about trading overseas, this guy is okay. I can't pronounce his name to save my life and I am not going to pretend I can and end up insulting him. However, if anyone has some of those 2 players and need to unload them I can link you up, I am sure he would be interested in getting some new cards from reliable traders.

I do have another trade or two to acknowledge and I will try to get to those at some point tomorrow. I went from working in the store one day to 3 straight somehow and just haven't been home. Sorry if the entertainment around these parts has been slacking in the past few days.

I encourage all of you to keep me posted on YSL cards that are available, I will be more than willing to negotiate.

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  1. I updated my YSL's on my available for trade list.


    You can check out if I have any you need.