January 11, 2009

Yankee Stadium Legacy Doubles and Winter Cleaning

Attention all collectors with unwanted Yankee Stadium Legacy cards: Please send them here.

I have the following 5 doubles that I want to trade for 5 cards I do not already have. Here is what I have:

-1164 Joe DiMaggio
-1745 Charlie Keller
-1870 Yogi Berra
-5467 Don Mattingly
-5547 Wade Boggs

Let me know if you have anything that I do not and we can get things traded.

On another note, I was home all day today and managed to put some cards away. I also traded players from binders, and moved Mark Teixeira into his new home with Jorge, Wang, Mariano, Damon, and random players that seem to come and go. Giambi took a hike into the other binder that Mark came out of, and now lives in the last few pages behind Huston Street.

I also took the liberty of creating a retired Yankees binder for Bernie, Moose, Tino, Paulie, and Wade. I threw the Mick in there as well since he was just taking up space in the current player one.


  1. I posted some new YSL cards. I have a whole bunch that came in today but Upper Deck's website is broken so I can't put them in.

  2. I want to trade! I need the Mattingly card #5467. I have doubles of these: 5179, 5180, 5186, 5188, 5198, 5200, 5353 - let me know what you need out of those.

  3. I've got these if you're interested: YSL2783 Hank Bauer
    YSL2808 Don Larsen
    YSL615 Tony Laggeri
    YSL640 Bill Dickey
    YSL5305 Bernie Williams

    There yours for future consideration on Curtis Granderson/Topps Detroit Tigers Base & Inserts or Upper Deck Detroit Tigers Base. Let me know what you need

  4. *they're* yours. Apparently, I need some morning coffee.

  5. Of course I want them!!! Please e-mail me and let me know what Tigers you need so we can work something out.

  6. Dave, the Mattingly is yours. Just let me see which one I need out of those.

  7. I have:

    22 Ruth
    376 Shocker
    401 Pipgras
    656 Gomez
    681 Ruffing
    2178 DiMaggio
    2203 Reynolds
    2208 Reynolds
    2218 DiMaggio
    2219 DiMaggio
    2233 DiMaggio
    2276 Rizzuto
    2939 Berra
    2940 Berra
    3129 Ford
    3971 Nettles
    4105 Chambliss
    4444 Jackson
    4495 Jackson
    4496 Jackson
    4521 John
    4626 Piniella
    4758 Randolph
    6167 Pettitte

    Check my want list here:

  8. If you see any YSL's you need on my available for trade list let me know. I haven't been able to go through the new ones because Upper Deck's ownthelegacy site is down and that's what I've been using to keep up with my list. I'm starting to think that's not a good idea.

  9. SRUCHRIS - If you want to trade that Pettitte, look me up at epslette AT hotmail DOT com