January 26, 2009

TTM Time

It's almost time for pitchers and catcher to report to Spring training, which means almost time for me to get my custom made TTM cards ready to go out. I am wondering if I should send hand written letters, or type them. I obviously would prefer to type them, but I feel like hand writing them looks more personal. What has everyone else done in the past?

In case anyone didn't see the cards that I got in a trade with topher, here they are:

I am not sure if I will send the Pujols card though. I don't really see myself actually getting that back without sending a note written in crayon with some made up story as to why I need that signed. I may just keep it in my binder, though I would really love to get it signed. Should I take my chances in Spring Training or just keep it?

I think I am going to break a box later that I have had here since Christmas. It's been asking me to open it for a while now.


  1. I always handwrite the letters, players have enough bad ideas about adults asking for autographs and reselling them. I try and make the letters as personal as possible and usually include extra cards for the players to keep.

  2. Hand written letters are the way to go!

  3. I write thousands of letters a year by hand. It is time consuming but worth it. As for the Pujols, don't waste your time, he doesn't sign. Hughes has been hard lately too, it seems he has stopeed signing but he did sign early in ST last year. Good luck!

  4. I can't wait to see what they look like signed! Do the Cardinals have a fan fest or autograph party that Pujols would sign at? That's how we Twins fans have to get our Mauer and Morneau sig fix. Hopefully you won't have to drop $200+ just to get it. If all else fails, ask Lucy at Dinged Corners to get it signed for you! I'm sure she might have some crayons to use, too. Heh.

  5. I send hand-written letters as well. How would you feel if you got back a typed Pujols autograph?

    Hey, are those cards, you know... actual cardboard cards, or are they simply printed out on photo paper?

  6. The custom-made cards look great! To follow up what AlbuqwirkE asked, what weight is the paper--and is the finish glossy or not?
    Signed, We Can't Believe How Geeky We've Gotten About Cards

  7. The cards are the same stock as regular game used cards, and are glossed.

    The Pujols one is slightly thicker, more glossy and numbered 1/1.

    They are awesome, give all the credit to topher.

  8. To give the quick-and-dirty answer, I print the fronts and backs of each card on photo paper using a 1200dpi resolution printer. I then adhere each side to its own 110lb. card stock. I double the card stock for 1/1's. After the cards are printed, adhered, cut, and assembled, I put them through a coating process. I quadruple the coating for 1/1's. Lumocolors work best, but sharpies will work just fine. Ball point pens will not work on these cards. If you want to learn more about my cards, please go here: http://crackinwax.wordpress.com/2009/01/01/2009-gameday-graphers/


    BTW, my word verification today is undiess.

  9. Always hand write letters. Don't even use stickers for return address. I would put my TTM return at about 50% right now. You actually would have better luck by sending it out during the season to the team addresses as opposed to Spring Training. I get better response during the season.