January 29, 2009

Trading Time

One of our readers, Greg, e-mailed me that he had a bunch of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards for trade. After I did a short jig, I e-mailed him back with some banter and cards to try and seal the deal. We worked it all out and he sent me a whole mess of cards including some Pujols, and a couple for Sooz.

These are the YSL cards I got, I copied and pasted this list from the e-mail so hopefully this is what was there, lol.

Game 2179 Joe DiMaggio
Game 2154 Johnny Mize
Game 6076 Derek Jeter
Game 2124 Joe DiMaggio
Game 860 Tony Lazzeri
Game 5237 Jim Leyritz
Game 5212 Kevin Maas
Game 5908 Joe Torre
Game 1861 Yogi Berra
Game 2149 Johnny Mize
Game 3595 Joe Pepitone
Game 3545 Joe Pepitone
Game 2234 Joe DiMaggio
Game 2209 Allie Reynolds
Game 4339 Goose Gossage
Game 391 Urban Shocker
Game 4140 Reggie Jackson

I now have 808/6661. I can't wait to see how long this actually ends up taking me.

The other thing I wanted to mention to everyone that has e-mailed me for cards in the past, and will in the future is THANK YOU!! I enjoy talking to new people about cards, and I like trading. Trading saves everyone some money, and we all get what we want. I invite you to e-mail me and let me know if you have anything I might be interested in because I have plenty of cards that I have no interest in to trade.

And another thank you to everyone who stops by and reads the blog. We have written quite a few this month and are hoping to keep it going into February.

(Photo courtesy of Upper Deck, though I did see this in person at the Fan Fest over the summer.)


  1. That YSL storage unit is totally awesome. Congrats on getting to 808. The other day, I entered all of my YSL cards into the "Own The Legacy" site. It turns out that I have 158 of them (including 70 of Don Mattingly, so I'm #193 in the standings.

    I'll bet that in a couple of years, after people start to forget about YSL, we'll be able to find the cards really cheap. Someday, years from now, you might get all 6661 - if you really want them all :)

  2. Interesting that you are #193, I wonder what I would be if I entered my cards there. I think someone just said I am sitting at #30, and I had no idea what they meant so maybe that was it, lol.

  3. Great blog I look forward to reading it.
    Congrats on the YSL you have a couple hundred more then me

  4. Yes, apparantly #30 on the website is at 808, and I just opened a pack with a card, so 809. Woohoo. Take that #30, say hi to #29. LOL

  5. It's pretty cool being able digitally store and search through a list of the cards you have. I just wish Upper Deck made it easy to export the list to some sort of Excel format instead of having to go through the whole list. Even a quick lookup where you type in a number and it says "have" or "don't have." I was logging mine in an Access database when the site went down a few times but it's hard to keep up with all of those cards as they come in.