January 24, 2009

A Trade From A Tribe Fan

I met another great person through this blog this week, Jack from All Tribe Baseball, otherwise known as Baseball Dad in the comments. Jack started writing his blog in November of 2007, but has been a Cleveland Indians fan forever.

Jack e-mailed me with a list of Pujols cards that I did not have, and I was drooling at my keyboard at the idea of a bubble mailer with all those cards. After a few e-mails back and forth we were able to hammer out a nice deal for all the Pujols cards in exchange for a variety of Tribe cards that he did not have (along with some extras that I didn't tell him about).

I went to the post office today and there was my glorious package of Pujols! I
barely made it home and was ripping it open. To my surprise, there were a bunch of surprises inside, as well as one for Sooz which I didn't open. Jack also threw in a few extra cards that were delightful, including a Gold 2008 Cano card and some Tulo, Joba, and Cano cards that I didn't have. Here is what I ended up with:


Donruss Originals ‘88 - 366 (SP)
Fleer Tradition Update Curtain Call
Fleer Tradition Update Diamond Standouts U - 276
Gallery - 56
Stadium Club - 5
Topps Ten Doubles - 16
Victory Stat Leaders C-list - 300


Bazooka - 1
Donruss - 391
Fleer Tradition - 171
Fleer Tradition Update Tale of the Tape


Bazooka Red Chunk - 50
Flair - 15
Leaf 2nd Edition - 182
Playoff Absolute Memorabilia - 179
Topps - 40
Topps Batting Ave. Leader - 343
Topps Sporting News A/S - 723
UD World’s Series Heroes - WS-41


Fleer - 82
Fleer NLCS MVP - 332
Topps Heritage - 31 (Red Cap)
Topps Rookie Cup Reprint - 123
Ultra Follow the Leader - 2 FL
UD Team Leaders - 287
UD All-Star Classics - 1


Topps Update - UH-229
Ultra Gold Medallion - 37

UD Goudey 233 Green back


Bowman Gold - 160

I want to thank Jack for his kindness and generosity, and hope that some of you stop by his blog and help him out with some Tribe cards.

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  1. Thanks much for the kind words and endorsements !! I just found a two more great pieces , one for you and one for Sooz , but I'm not sure about sending them . You may have to come to Ohio ! I'll try to get you a picture.