January 16, 2009

Today's the day

Marie and I are headed to the White Plains card show today in sub-freezing temperature. The high in White Plains will be 16-degrees and it will feel around 2 or so degrees.

My mom said to me last night, "You're still going to the card show?"
I said, "Why not?"
Mom: "It's going to be cold."
Me: "The show is inside. Why wouldn't I drive up in a warm car and then walk inside a building full of baseball cards?"
Mom: What do you want for dinner?

I own a hat, scarf, gloves and jacket, in case anyone was wondering.

But I'm sure I'm going to find some cards to warm me up. Worse case scenario, I buy some .10 cent cards and burn them in the parking lot for heat.
It should turn into a fun day. We are going to hit the diner across the street and then, hopefully, go to the movie to see My Bloody Valentine. I actually hate horror films. I don't scare, I'm just not a fan. But my favorite eye candy is in this movie (not Jamie King) and I need to see this.
If all goes to plan my day should be: friends, food, baseball cards and eye candy. Sounds perfect even if it is freezing outside.


  1. That's funny, your mom sounds like my mom. Good luck at the card show.

  2. Burning baseball cards (*shudder*)

  3. I will be wearing Under Armor if it really is that cold. I haven't left the house yet. I heard 8 degrees without the wind chill.... Brrrr...

  4. Nothing can stop collectors getting new cards.