January 5, 2009

A Thanks to Wax Heaven

When we started this card blog, we didn't really envision the types of people we would meet nor what it would do. It was just an outlet to talk about baseball cards, something both of us have enjoyed since we were children.

It was great when Mario contacted us and asked us if we would like to be considered to his Heavenly Seven. Despite not being part of the community for a heck of a long time, we knew quickly that his was one of the main blogs that hundreds (if not thousands of visitors) hit everyday.

Again, thanks to Mario. With our goofy humor and love of baseball cards, I'm glad we're able to entertain a few of you. Here's the post where Mario announced that we were added to the Heavenly Seven.

P.S. My boyfriend is laughing at me. He doesn't understand the excitement. This coming from the guy who is into vintage cars.

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