January 19, 2009

Target and the Lack of Products

I hate this time of year. This is the time of the year where you are sick of everything that has been out, yet there is nothing coming out for a while. What makes this worse is that Target has nothing, what am I going to do with a blaster of UD Documentary? Nothing, that's what.

I took a nice break from venturing out to Target for several reasons, like being broke from eBay and temperatures below freezing. I made my first trip in tonight after about a week, and there was nothing. Not sure if I would have bought anything, but it would have been nice to have an option. There aren't even any bargain packs.

Normally, I love to grab a bunch of the bargain packs at $1.59 each and just have some fun. I haven't seen any in this Target in months, yet the one up the road always has them lately, but I always seem to get there when all that is left is 2007 Upper Deck Series 1, and that is not any fun. I am hoping they get some of these in soon with maybe some '03-'05 packs for some old school fun (and of course Albert).

Is anyone else noticing no products in their local Targets? Mine has been the worst since the Stadium Club fun, and even before and during that they had nothing else.

I did find all my Mickey Mantle MMS cards and I am going to update my want list in case someone has any to fill in. I did get a comment from Grand Cards about helping me out which I appreciate. I will check your list to mine and shoot you an e-mail.

Want list was updated today.


  1. I was just in Target yesterday and was shocked: they had restocked everything. There was blasters of Stadium Club, Allen&Ginter, Documentary, Timelines, U&H, Topps Series 2, Heritage High Numbers, and there were packs of Heritage, U&H, Timelines, Upper Deck, Heroes, Topps Chrome, Bowman Prospects, Bowman Chrome.

    And I don't live near any major city either.

  2. I'm happy and sad that I don't live near that Target... lol

  3. My girlfriend has mentioned that the Targets near where her family lives in Texas are pretty much devoid of anything useful. There still seems to be a fairly normal selection of stuff at the ones I go to, but nothing too surprising. I just bought a blaster of Heritage High Numbers on Saturday along with their last four packs of regular Heritage. One Target we went to actually had a 2005 Topps U&H pack in the bargain bin. I was buying up all the 2007 Topps Chrome in the bin when I'd see them, but now they're pretty much down to the 2007 UD Series 1. I'd actually think about buying those if they were Series 2, actually, because I recently discovered that I'm missing a bunch of 2007 UD Series 2 Cardinals cards.

  4. The 2005 Heritage are fun, I would pick those over Chrome only because you get more per pack. I have a ton of 2007 Chrome if you need any to complete a set.

  5. I've got three Targets near me (why I wonder?) and there's been nothing in any of them since before Christmas.

    WalMart's got nothing too.