January 2, 2009

Still have UD Documentary to give away

Last week I bought a blaster of UD Documentary and as soon as I opened them I remembered why I didn't want to buy any of these. I love ripping wax. I'm addicted to it, however, I don't really have a care for anyone that isn't on my favorite team or one of my favorite players.

So a whole set dedicated in equality to people I don't care about wasn't fun.

But I am sure it's fun for other people. Therefore I'm giving away my box of UD Documentary by team. I've already given away several teams.

Here's what I have left. Comment on the team you would like and shoot me an email with your address. These cards will be sent out by Monday. Anyone who picked teams got their cards in the mail today.

Angels - 2
Blue Jays - 5
Cubs - 4
Diamondbacks - 4
Indians - 1
Nationals - 4
Padres - 3
Pirates - 4
Red Sox - 4
Rockies - 3
Tigers - 4


  1. I hate to speak on behalf of him, but I guarantee Steve from White Sox Cards would gladly take... the White Sox cards.

  2. Whoa - I'm glad I saw this! I'd love the Rays cards. I think you have my address, but I can send it again if you need it. Thanks for your generosity and awesomeness!

  3. - Yeah, I sorta assumed the same, but I figure I would let him speak for himself.

    - Dave, the Rays are yours. I'll look for the address. If I don't have it, then I'll let you know.

  4. OK, I'll be the third person to say it. I'd love some White Sox cards!

  5. I wasn't really going to give them anyone else.

  6. I'd like to give the Royal cards a good home

  7. Thanks goodness because they weren't going to find a good home here. LOL

  8. I'll take the Rangers off your hands. By the way, the new header looks great.

  9. Sure, shoot me an email with your address. Rangers are yours.

  10. I would be happy to take Giants and / or Mariners off your hands, if that's not asking too much. My dad is a Mariners freak (as there's not much else in Washington State), and I'm in the Bay Area and a big Lincecum fan (saw his first MLB start in '07).

    In return, I will certainly see what I can do to whittle down your want list. Thanks for considering me!

  11. No problem. I was worrying some of these cards weren't going to find a home. Send me an email yanxchick (at) gmail with your address and I will get them out to you.

  12. Brewers and Marlins got snagged up. Still have several teams left.