January 17, 2009

Spring (Training) Cleaning

This is what I want to do: I want to trade all my 2008 Moments & Milestones of most players (excludes Yankees), for Albert Pujols, Cano, or Joba. My preference is Albert Pujols. I have Thome, Smoltz, Maddux, Sabathia (don't care), Griffey, Ichiro, Bedard, Cabrera, Howard, Matsuzaka, Hafner, Holliday, Pedroia, Lowell, etc. etc. Believe me, I have plenty. I will include black cards when I have them of that player in exchange for the same.

If you are interested in helping me clean up my cards, e-mail me and let me know what Pujols cards you have for trade.

I am also seeking 2008 UD X XPonential 2 Albert Pujols, as well as his 2 2008 SP Authentic Marquee Match-ups.

Though this set annoys me to some degree it would be nice to finish it, heck I still need some 2007 but you can find that in the wants list.

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