January 24, 2009

Sleep? What's that?

Oh riiiiiight... It's that thing I never seem to do at night. I am a night person, plain and simple. I have no interest in mornings. Zero. I feel like my brain works better at night, if I get up too early I'm a spaz all day long.

I thought about going to bed soon, but then the K-Mart comments have me thinking about going there. Not enough to go to bed and get up early and go there, but enough that I am wishing they have something fun if I make it there before they close tomorrow.

I am also sitting here pondering what I can trade away for some more Pujols cards. That's another thing that has been fun lately, trading. I just made another trade deal with Peter from Dropped Third Strike for some more Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, and I'm thrilled. If I could be a "night trader" in the same way there are "day traders" I would be a millionaire. If anyone wants to hire me to negotiate trades, I have spare time. Mostly that time where I should be sleeping.

Then there's the fantasy baseball... still waiting on some responses... I did not forget and will get those e-mails out this weekend with the info for payment and draft dates.

I'm going to go watch a little tv, then try and go to bed before I start searching for things on eBay.

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  1. I emailed Sooz about some Jeter and YSL cards I had for trade but never got a response. Do I have to be a prt of a blog to participate in trades?? I also have a bunch of the Mantle cards.