January 8, 2009

A Simpson Blast From the Past

Over a month ago a good friend of mine found a box of cards in his attic and gave them to me because he had no interest in holding onto them. I had no interest in looking through then until I was bored enough last night. Before he handed me the box he was climbing the ladder and said, "I think they are from the 80's". I knew right then they were 87 and/or 88 Topps. Sure enough most of the cards were just those, but there was one very interesting/comical card. When I found this it made me laugh, maybe I can send it TTM to jail.

1973 Topps #500 O.J. Simpson


  1. It's a shame what he's become. But oh well, get any Steelers in that box??

  2. I wonder if the Juice ever Juiced?