January 4, 2009

Sane or Crazy?

The older Beckett was a little easier when it came to checklist. Copy and paste worked great with it. But with the new version of Beckett's price guide, which I mainly use for its checklist, I find it impossible to print out a complete database of cards.

I would love an excel version of the checklist. I would love it so much that I'm sitting here typing up the cards (no copy and paste) for a definitive Jeter checklist of the cards that I want, which is going to be color coded based on autographs, game-used cards, 1/1 and whatever else I can come up with.

So, now I beg the question. Is my OCD when it comes to baseball cards crazy or sane?

To add a little more to story, I have all of the baseball cards I own sorted in boxes by player with index cards. I'm still working on getting them all in the box, but right now I have about nine three-row boxes filled with cards and have bought about 10 packs of index cards.

I don't collect sets, so this was the best way for me to do it because I enjoy players more than I do sets.

My favorite players are in binders as I slowly add to their collections.

Plus, typing up the Jeter checklist gives me something to do as I am laid up on the couch with a cold. I can't just watch television and root against Philadelphia (GO GIANTS!). I need to do something else as well.

P.S. - 10 That's the over/under on how many American Idol commercials we'll see during the Eagles/Vikings game. We're already at one.



  1. I'll take the over...

    what do I win?

    and no, you're not crazy..

  2. I actually was happy to pay Beckett annually for access to the database until they changed formats. The current versions is so poor I let my subscription lapse.

  3. My crazy, impossible goal of collecting is to own at least one of every kind of card made. That means I have to have a list of cards I can depend on. I started putting together a spreadsheet of cards 5-6 years ago. Since I have to have a limit somewhere, I actually limit the universe of cards to what is listed in the Beckett bimonthly. I used to make my list from the printed Beckett but now I get it from their on-line database. It takes me awhile (maybe a few years even) to get a year complete. I don't list individual cards, just sets and inserts. Is that OCD enough for ya?