January 21, 2009

Personal invite to our case break

Topps Series 1 for 2009 will be released in two weeks (Feb. 4). We'll be getting a nice jumbo case of them from Blow Out Cards. According to their site, Topps is sold out of the product. It seems to be one of the more exciting base Topps products in recent years, even if it doesn't have a Derek Jeter card in Series 1.

The jumbo boxes have one auto and two game-used relics per box. One Legends of the Game nicknamed jersey patch in every jumbo box, along with turkey red inserts, sketch cards and all this other stuff.

The plan is for Marie and I to do a live box break on the blog using Cover It Live software. I've used this software for work at basketball games and I love it. You guys can comment instantly, we can post pictures and polls throughout the blog.

It would be almost like you're there with us. Marie and I want to kick the blog off around 4 p.m. on Feb. 4. Blow Out Cards is great about getting the case to use the day of the kickoff, so I expect the same this time around as well.

However, there is sorta bad news out there for people looking for trades. When Marie and I buy cases of cards, that's exclusively for our eBay store. Anytime we trade, it's items that we have purchased on our own because we have a bad, very bad habit in buying cardboard.

We wanted to share breaking this case with you guys because it's fun. We also don't have a video camera, so we can't do YouTube breaks.

No need to RSVP. We just hope you guys show up.


  1. A whole case of Topps Series 1? Marie will be covered in more than just wrappers - you will both be swimming in doubles, triple, quadruples, and more of each card! Have fun!

  2. UPDATE: Apparantly Topps is sold out of Jumbo, and Heritage. And it appearts that UD is sold out of Series 1, which I find hard to believe because that looks like a snooze.

  3. We have broken two cases before. 2008 Goudey and 2008 Masterpieces.

    It was fun and we had lots of doubles.

  4. I broke a case of 2008 Goudey too - worst card-collecting decision that I ever made...

  5. Topps always sells out because they make their distributors buy all of it to sell to shops/eBayers down the road.

    I'm sure you guys are gonna have fun, but I'll bet you could wait till March and buy that same case for $100-200 less.

    Topps base NEVER goes up in price, always down.