January 1, 2009

New Year's resolution already broken

This was my baseball card resolution: Focus on my player collections and stop buying wax.

I didn't want to gamble on buying packs and boxes because I like my money. So I would save money by just buying the cards I need.

Well, in the spirit of that, I was in Target today and bought a pack of Donruss Elite Edition. The packs weren't loss, they were blister packs of hobby packs.

I'm a sucker.

With no scans, here's what I got:

- Jerichi Jones (Chicago NL)
- Tyler Yockey (Boston)
- Graham Nicks (Washington)
- Ryan Chaffee (Los Angeles AL)
- Zach Putnam (Cleveland) auto 150/444

Perhaps it was a just a New Year's Day slip. I am going to still hold out on buying cards. I ordered a pretty big-sized purchase of Jeter cards off eBay to add to the collection of cards I am sure I am never going to complete.

- Sooz

1 comment:

  1. The cardboard temptation comes in many varieties. Moderation is the key...but I doubt any of us have the self control for that, I don't.