January 27, 2009

New and Improved Robinson Cano

According to reports, Robinson Cano has apparently lost 5 pounds in the off-season and has been working with a personal trainer while playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic. This is great news for the Yankees who seemed to have some doubts this past season about his abilities. Cano ended up benched at one or two points for mental errors in the field, and his batting wasn't helping to keep him in the line-up.

Cano is looking forward to playing in the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic, and Yankee fans should as well. Cano typically starts the season slow, not coming around until late May or even June. For whatever reason, he needs time to get into the groove, despite Spring Training. He had a great Spring last year, but still could not get off the ground once the season started. Hopefully, by Cano playing competitive ball in the WBC that will work out any kinks he might have in April or May.

If Spring Training helped Cano for the season he should have a monster season every year by definition, but Spring Training is not very competitive, and as we have seen in the past with Cano, it doesn't translate instantly into a great start.

Cano could be one of the games best second basemen. He has power at the plate, he just needs patience. In the field, he has good range and he makes many difficult plays look easy, however, sometimes he makes mental mistakes that make him look bad or like he is not hustling. Yankee fans need to give the kid a chance, there is a good reason why the Yankees are keeping him around and working with him.


  1. Is a ballplayer losing 5 lbs really noteworthy?? hell I get a good cold and can't eat for two days and I will drop 5 lbs.

    that being said any player rededicating himself to the game is important. it's a long season and every play counts. If Cano can improve his game, it would certainly help the Yanks.

  2. Would one of those mental errors happen to be flattening Twins starting pitchers with line drives to the nose?



  3. I was just thinking....who cares about 5 lbs.? Poor guys just need something to report on.

  4. Well part of him losing 5 whole pounds was that he has supposedly put on muscle, and lost 5 pounds while doing so. I guess that is just what they chose to report, rather than state that he has put on muscle and trimmed down 5 pounds which would probably make more sense.

  5. This is what happens in New York when the Giants are out of the playoffs, the Yankees are done signing free agents, and the New York media needs something to sell papers.

  6. Hopefully Robby rebounds, and brings Melky's offense with him.