January 22, 2009

My Secret Stash

It's not something I proudly admit. I like to look at it when I'm feeling a little blue - sad blue. But I have this secret stash of baseball cards that only my boyfriend and Marie knows I collect.

Now, you.

As you have realized by now. I'm a woman. I have eyes and I can't help what I see. So that one fateful night while working at The Sports Authority as a 17-year-old girl when I picked up that issue of Muscle Fitness that fell on the floor changed everything.
There was Gabe Kapler, ripped muscles and all. It was the baseball issues with him, Brad Fullmer and, I think, Royce Clayton.
So, I did the only thing I knew now as a girl with a crush.
I collected his baseball cards. I probably have over 100 of his cards right now. I recently bought a huge lot of them on Beckett, but haven't logged them in yet.
Kapler's was the first auto I bought off eBay when I finally got a job to promote my habit of cardboard.
He used to come often to Yankee Stadium and play right field. I used to scream at him and had my (male) friends yell to him since they were louder than me. It didn't even matter when he went to Boston.
I joined the Gabe Kapler fan club back then too. Apparently, it was an unofficial fan club, but won a signed photo of his. I still collect his cards as you can see by the photo. That card just came out in the Heritage High Series.
There's a good chance after reading this, you think I'm a tad bit crazy. But even though I love sports and baseball cards, I'm still a woman. I have eyes.


  1. I understand, Sooz. I don't think that many male fans can deny their attraction to Jennie Finch. You should get to see Gabe Kapler many times this year now that he's back in the A.L. East with the Rays. Hopefully you can cheer him on to hit several home runs against the Yankees.

  2. Dave, I wish. I don't live in New York anymore.

    Last year was the culmination of my Gabe Kapler fandom. I forgot he was with Milwaukee. While I was working, I turned around and there he was about five feet away from me.

    I don't get celebrity shy because I deal with many well-known athletes, but this was a throwback to my teens and I felt like a little girl again.

  3. Yeah, I'm jealous. There needs to be more Jennie Finch cards.

  4. I think the Muscle & Fitness you're thinking of had Ron Gant in there also... I had it a lonnnnng time ago. And yes, Kapler is absolutely shredded - no matter how clean my diet is and how perfect my routine is, I can never come close to that physique.

  5. There were other pics I could have put up with Kapler, but I figured the baseball cards were safest.

  6. I haven't met a woman yet that didn't swoon a bit for "Gabe the Babe". I had high hopes for his career in Texas but it just didn't happen.

  7. So I found your blog about a month ago through waxheaven and visit every blue moon.
    I thought i would comment on this one.
    It is funny a week ago I busted a box of 05 Champions and pulled a recollection buyback auto of Kaplers 01 Studio #3/8. Haven't followed his carrer so it went in a case and to the box without a second thought (I seem to pull all those hard to get low numbered inserts that I have no intrest in 85% of the time, I would be happy with a player i follow regular auto not numbered over some of the ones i get). If you want it I would be glad to set some sort of trade.

  8. I'm a sucker for hot female athlete auto cards. Though affording it is another thing altogether.

  9. I would be interested in a trade. Shoot me an email to yanxchick (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Those two women are definitely hot, but the photos on that card do nothing for them. I know there are better pictures of Amanda Beard than that out there.