January 9, 2009

My first Jeter patch card

Earlier this year, I had to cover an ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) event in one of the towns near me. There is nothing about car racing I like and dreaded having to go to this event for three days.

I wrote feature stories about some of the drivers and then on the final day, it rained. The rain shortened the race and the winner didn't even run the full race and got the win. Fun for him.

I pretty much shook my head leaving the track because I was still trying to figure out how people enjoy watching drivers go round and round. Give the track a little credit because it was a road course and the cars actually turn left sometimes.

On the way back from the race, I saw a tiny little baseball card shop that I didn't know about. I pulled into the parking lot and, luckily, the place was open.

I walk in and look around. It might have been the size of a walk-in closest. There was a counter with cards in the glass case and hobby boxes behind it, just like most other card shops. But it was so tiny.

As I looked through the case, I saw a Jeter patch card. I don't own any.

I asked the price, he gave me one I thought was fair and snatched it up. It's not the best patch (it's numbered /24). There are no cool looking markings. It's just Yankee blue, but I love it anyway because it's mine.

So here's my first Derek Jeter patch card:

The card shop is still a 45-minute ride from my town, so it's as though I can show up whenever I want. However, whenever I need to visit Millville, N.J., I plan on stopping in to browse, and most likely buy.


  1. Watching auto racing is a mystery. Green grass, blue skies and infield dirt or endless turns and gasoline fumes? Let me think....

    That is a very nice patch card.

  2. Lol, that's what I thought too after the day is over.

    Yay, I got a patch card.

    What auto racing?