January 8, 2009

The Missing Years 2001-2002

While climbing uphill on the treadmill I was trying to figure out what happened to my card collecting in 2001 that I don't have all Pujols' rookie cards already, and then it hit me. I didn't really buy any cards in 2001-2002 when I was in college. I was so busy doing other things I guess I took a break, and realized it now. Way to go Marie! Way to stop collecting in what is now the most expensive year of Pujols' cards.

I am currently working on filling in all 2002 gaps since I can't afford to buy all his rookie cards now. I have his 2001 Bowman card, only because I bought the whole set on eBay for $60, took out that one card and never looked at the rest.

I picked up a great number of his earlier cards on eBay over the weekend which was great. There is nothing better than opening a bubble mailer full of Pujols cards to log in and put in my binder.

I am hoping one of our readers out there would be willing to part with a card or two and I will do my best to get you some cards that you will enjoy equally.


  1. Are you just looking for base and inserts, or do you collect Patches & Autos as well?

  2. You should have an Utley rookie in that 2001 Bowman set too.

  3. Well, I don't have anything close to the value of his RC AU, but I collect everything. I usually try to pick up the GU cards more so than the auto's. I only have one auto so far, thanks to Sooz. It's my favorite card.