January 19, 2009

Mickey Mantle Story Cards

Last year, actually 2 years ago, I started that debacle and well, never finished like most things I start to collect. It's hard to keep up with trying to get 25 different things together. Between the Mickey Mantle Story, Mickey Mantle Story Chrome (complete), and Mickey Mantle Homerun History (see want list).

I just found some Mickey Mantle Story cards from 2008, and now have to locate 2007 and see what I am still missing. The funny thing is, I really don't care for the Mick all that much yet keep trying to collect these silly inserts. I think that part of me just likes these cards because they look vintage, and I like vintage.

I may or may not pursue finishing these sets. I really just want to concentrate on Pujols and making sure by year end I have more Jeter cards than A-Rod (that's my other mission). So I'm not sure if this is worth wasting time and effort on, much less money. I like the Chrome set, and it looks nice in my binder, but the Heritage set is missing a bunch of spots and looks kind of silly.

P.S. I opened 3 more packs last night, I'll do show and tell later.

1 comment:

  1. Let me know if you need any of these and they're yours:

    2008 Topps Chrome MMHRC520
    2008 Topps Chrome MMSC47
    2008 Topps Chrome MMSC53
    2007 Topps MHR279
    2007 Topps MHR320
    2007 Topps MHR411
    2007 Topps 5 of 5 "Unlock the Mick"
    2008 Topps MHR512
    2008 Topps MHR513
    2008 Topps MHR514
    2008 Topps MHR515
    2008 Topps MHR516
    2008 Topps MHR517
    2008 Topps MHR518
    2008 Topps MHR519
    2008 Topps MHR520
    2008 Topps MHR521
    2008 Topps MMS47
    2008 Topps MM63
    2008 Topps MM65