January 14, 2009

Mail Day #2 - Rookie Heaven

Since the promise that I am focusing on Albert Pujols cards from 2001-2003, I have done pretty good. I picked up a 2001 Topps Gallery Albert Pujols rookie card on eBay at what I thought was a great price, and now that I have seen the exact card in person it was a steal. The centering appears to be near perfect, sharp corners, sharp edges - definitely BGS/PSA material. The seller also took the time to wrap this card in like 5 paper towels, tape it up, stuff a box with tissue paper and send it in a box as opposed to a bubble mailer. I thought that was a great thing to do, it's nice when sellers have the sense to mail you something in the way that you would think to send it. If I were crazy enough to sell a Pujols rookie, I would probably mail it in the same fashion for over-protection.

I am very pleased with this card, and I have to say I am rather fond of the Topps Gallery series. It is like an early Masterpiece set, but from Topps. I actually snagged this card after coming home from that card shop that had the 2001 packs for $2. This made a lot more sense to me, and I am glad I didn't buy any packs because this was by far a much better choice.

After all the responses I got back on the grading/not grading topic, I definitely think this will end up getting graded. My problem is that I would rather spend that money on cards that sending it away for a fancy case. Obviously, this will depend on my mood Friday.


  1. That Coke cooler in the background is fantastic!

  2. first the prev comment I agree I liked the coke cooler too.

    I am not sure that they are related but in 2002 topps had a small gallery heritage set (probably inserts) that I have a couple cards from and really like.

    I like the topps masterpieces analogy.

  3. I didn't even notice the cooler, but now that I looked at it... It is pretty cool. I just inspected the corners, edges, Albert, and moved on. I have plenty more mail here to show. It's like show and tell day here.

  4. Awesome looking card. I really like Topps Gallery and I'd love to see it make a comeback. If Upper Deck sticks to their decision to cancel Masterpieces, Topps could make a lot of collectors happy by bringing Gallery back!