January 30, 2009

Jeter Steals Sign

Yes, you read that correctly. He stole a sign, not second base. According to Yahoo! Sports Derek Jeter has finally come clean on what he "stole" from Yankee Stadium. He took the sign that reads, "I'd like to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee," a quotation from Joe DiMaggio.

Towards the end of the season many players were asked what memento they would like to take from the Stadium, and most of them were honest. Take Moose for example, he wanted the flag pole from Monument Park. Why? I have no idea. Another player, who I want to say was David Cone, wanted the scale Babe Ruth used to weigh himself on. (Could have been another player my mind is a little jumbled.) Jeter though, said the whole time, "I can't tell you," or "you'll have to wait and see". There weren't many things I could have seen him taking. This makes perfect sense for him to take. This is the same sign he has touched before every single home game of his career, what else could a guy want?


  1. The think monument flag pole has the bat of Lou Gehrig on top (or so they say)

  2. I love the comments made by all the Yankee lovers on Yahoo. It was more hilarious than reading a joe morgan web chat.

  3. They do tell us that, it shows the direction of the wind. I still don't understand why he wanted it though.