January 25, 2009

It's Your Fault

No, really it is. To the people who mentioned bargain packs or shopping to me in the comments yesterday, and you shall remain nameless I went and bought packs. Though it's really only half your faults because I still had my $4.00 left today from not spending it yesterday.

After I worked out, I went to the rip-off card store around here to grab some packs. They have a box with packs that are half price, so I like to rummage and see which ones are marked for less than the rest of the same packs and buy those. I grabbed 3 packs of 2001 Victory because they were $1 (marked $2), then found a pack of 2003 Topps Series 2 Jumbo marked $2.99 instead of $4.99 like the rest and took those for $1.50, and while flipping the rest I saw one 2003 Topps Chrome Series 2 marked $1.99 instead of $3.99 like the rest, and finished the day with that $1 pack. I spent a whole $5.50 plus tax.

I opened the Chrome pack first, and it sucked as far as I'm concerned. Sooz will beg to differ because this is what she got for my $1:

The rest of the cards in that pack were Quentin McCracken, Eric Brynes, and Felipe Lopez.

The 3 Victory packs weren't great, but they scratched the itch. I scanned a couple of the better cards for the blog, the rest are too many to list (and most of you would not care, trust me).

Now for those of you who are still with me, here is where I thank the people who tempted me to look for sale packs of cards.

The 2003 Topps Series 2 Jumbo pack for $1.50....

That was enough for me. That card made my whole trip worthwhile. I did get about 12 team picture cards (snooze), and some others I scanned for your viewing enjoyment.

They also had some 2002 or 2003 Topps Gallery packs marked $4.99, but I couldn't see them really being worth $2.50 a pack. Maybe I'm just cheap. There were 2002 SP Authentic marked $5.99, and I couldn't bring myself to spend $3 a pack on those either. I would have liked to have bought a couple of those, but I'm happy with Cole.


  1. I'd say that was worth your $1.50. Something about half price makes every card seem twice as valuable.

  2. I think you should be thanking me. Yup, those are some nice cards. No Dodgers, but nice cards anyway.

  3. I got a 2003 Dodgers team picture card and a Daryle Ward. They are all yours if you want them.

  4. Out of 5 packs, those are the only Dodgers that I got.

  5. Ah, got 'em both. My luck is going downhill fast this weekend.

  6. Can't be too mad... you pulled a Mo and a Jorgie!