January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Albert!

Today Albert Pujols turns 29 years old. Happy Birthday!

Here's to a great 2009, hitting .400 (I can dream), or breaking Bonds single season home run record. I am all about seeing Albert add another great accomplishment to his already long list of achievements. Not going to be happy if his cards get any more expensive, but nothing I can do to control that.


  1. It's hard to believe that Pujols is younger than me (by about 4 months)... if only I had achieved the dreams that I had when I was a kid, I could be doing what he's doing now...

  2. He is 11 months older than me... It makes me feel really old when they show 21 year old kids playing baseball. I remember when I was a kid everyone seemed so grown up playing baseball and now I am like they are all kids (cept for the Yankees former pitching staff, who now resides in Shady Pines Retirement Home).

  3. Dave, take his age with a grain of salt. Dominicans are usually two years older than their cards state. ;)

    As for Pujols, not a fan but boy do I hope he hits 74 and soon!

    -Wax Heaven