January 13, 2009

First card show of the year

Marie and I are preparing for the While Plains card show this weekend. In the New York area, it's one of the biggest card shows around, which happens every couple of months.

It lasts all weekend, but we are going on Friday, the first day of the event. I'm lucky to get out at all this weekend because work is busy and Saturday is my boyfriend's 30th birthday. I actually don't think he cares that I am going to a card show.

Getting Yankee cards is kind of difficult at this card show because they are always priced high. It really doesn't matter what Yankee you are looking for because everyone that goes to these shows is a Yankee fan. So, there is a big demand for Yankees, including Derek Jeter. I normally don't come back from these shows with Jeter cards because the price is just too much.

I find other guys I enjoy collecting or maybe some things I can throw in our eBay store and make a profit on.

The last card show I went to, I bought about 30 cards to throw in the store. At one of these cards shows one guy was trying to hawk WNBA cards to us. Seeing few women in the place, he must have thought we would be interested in such items.


But card shows are fun. I hope Friday will be a good one for us.


  1. I think both of you ladies are taken but just out of curiosity, ever see any hot "stud" collectors in attendance at these shows or do most collectors resemble the "Comic Book Guy"?

    I have heard bad things.

  2. Mario - that is a funny question, and I think I know the answer - after all, Chris Harris attends the White Plains show! :)

  3. LOL, that is a funny question.

    Honestly, I've never really noticed. I'm so focused on looking for cards and getting what I want that I am not really paying attention to the guys that are around.

    Despite having a boyfriend, I have eyes.

    There are lots of kids at these shows. Dads and sons. That's all I've noticed. But, now on Friday I'm going to take more notice as to who is that this show.

    Marie might have a different take on the shows.

  4. I have to say I have never really looked at men when I'm at a card show. But, I always notice a "stud" whether I am looking for that or not. So I guess that's a no. Most of the sellers are kinda "Comic Book Guy".

    I just want cards, I don't care about the scenery.

  5. A Cardboard Problem and Stale Gum at the same show!? I wish I could go...

  6. Chris is the guy cursing into a video camera in the parking lot,because he can't get it to work right.

  7. If you ladies go in August to "The East Coast National" let me know. I usually go on Sunday.

    I met fellow New Jerseyian Chris Harris at the show a couple of years ago.

    And you're right about the Yankee cards, very difficult to find any at a reasonable price. I usually spend most of the day digging through the 6 cards for $5 boxes.