January 21, 2009

eBay and Barack Obama

I know I have touched on this subject a number of times in regard to the card collecting community and the way people are currently spending their money, but this is beyond even my comprehension.

I stumbled upon this ridiculous auction earlier today while doing a search for "Obama Newspaper" to see how many came up. Well, there were a ton. Not to mention there were "pre-sale" items for tomorrows newspapers from as early as 3 days ago. Don't get me wrong, I am all about grabbing hot things to sell for some extra needed cash, but these papers are not going to make the same mistake they made with the election shortage. All papers will be printing thousands of extra copies for people who want to buy one to save as a collectible.

At any rate, so this auction lists this sob story of how they need money. Really? Who doesn't? What I find so curious is that on top of that 2 sentence story that describes most of America right now, it sold. Now, what I think is that they listed it and had someone buy it. Who would pay $10k for a newspaper that there will be thousands of copies around?

This morning there were roughly 1,513 "Obama Newspaper" results on eBay, and right now as I type this there are 3,076 results. I am just having a hard time figuring out where this person got this idea, or if it was some stunt by Leno or who ever for their late night segments of "real-auction" or "sold or not sold".

On a related note, there are some completed listings for gold Topps Obama cards for between $20-$45 bucks. I was holding onto my card to sell at this time, but I don't know if it's even worth it to sell right now. I am not trading it, but I also don't really see a need for it.


  1. A Nation seems to be obsessed with this man, money apparently is no issue with him in any respect.

  2. Funny how the newspaper business is dying fast enough to match that of comic books and magazines. It's all now based on multiple covers, special events, and a one-day spike in a print run to try to make a buck when you can.

    I do not, for one second, believe that anybody seriously bought (literally) yesterday's newspaper, for ten grand.


    1) The seller (or someone in cahoots) faked it, and will recover the final value fees, so he's only out the listing fees.

    2) The seller was serious, but a "buyer" jumped at it, and *oops*, it was a "mistake", or "can't pay for it".

    There is a severe outside shot that someone threw this guy a financial bone, but nobody genuinely bought this at this price for its historical qualities. No way.

    Sure, there might be a little premium for a NYT paper, but wouldn't a Washington Post copy be more desirable anyway?

    Not when you can have a genuine 63 year-old V-E Day or V-J Day paper for four bucks each, is this even one worth 1/1000th as much.

  3. Sounds like they are getting into the bailout spirit!

    Personally, why would anyone want to spend 10K on that when for just $50 you can name a star after someone?

    Thanks for the entertaining blog posts!