January 5, 2009

Delirium from waking up too early

Having a cold wreaks havoc on sleep. I went to bed at 1:30 a.m., which is early for me, and got up at 8:30 this morning. Even though it's seven hours of sleep, I usually get about nine to ten a night.

I came out to lay on the couch, flipping through channels and found Kevin Costner's For Love of the Game.

I've actually never seen this movie . I was supposed to. I remember when it came out my cousin and I told my mom we were going to see this movie. We ended up meeting some guys and hanging out for a couple of hours instead. Please, don't tell her. She still doesn't know.

It wasn't a bad movie, but I found myself looking at stats and places more than actually thinking about the premise of the movie. Like I really want to see a movie where the Yankees get no hit (Stupid Houston Astros).

Here were a few observations:
- It was great seeing Yankee Stadium and knowing anytime I want to see the old place, I can just throw this movie on. I haven't been inside the new Yankee Stadium, but the old one feels like it's already gone.
- Sam Tuttle, the Yankees big slugger (a jerkoff with the number 13, go figure), hit .309 with 39 HR and there are just two games left in the season. And he still hadn't broken the 100-RBI plateau. Either his team isn't that great or he constantly hits without runners are on base.
- I've seen players' wives. They don't look anything these wives did.
- I kept seeing a commercial for the Heat Surge fireplace, which is made by the Amish. I don't know much about the Amish, but I didn't think they used electricity. If that's the case, how can they make these?
- It would be amazing if Vin Scully actually broadcasts games on national television. There is nothing more I enjoy than listening to Scully call Dodgers games. As Greg Dobbs once said, "He's the most prepared broadcaster ever." But he's more than that. He has a way with words and always sums up your thoughts the moment you're thinking them.
- Little boys don't buy cards with pictures on it for the gum. Also, it's not always little boys.
- Whoever wrote this script couldn't have portrayed baseball players any better.
- I'm excited for the new Fast & the Furious.
- Does the Sham WOW! guy have one eye?
- Vin Scully is the man.


  1. Vin Scully used to be the regular NBC announcer for the Saturday "Game of the Week" during the 1980s. I used to watch him every Saturday.

    I'm not as in love with Scully as most Dodger fans are. He does have a way with words, though.

  2. I love the MLB package for several reasons, but one of them is Vin Scully. He beats the hell out of listening to Michael Kay that's for sure. I miss the days of Scooter's "Holy Cow!" announcing.

  3. The ShamWOW guy's cousin sells ShamWOWs in a kiosk at the mall close to me.

  4. I been a bit curious about the Amish heater thing too. Strange.

  5. I think ShamWOW guy is Billy Mays' illegitmate son.

  6. I am rolling laughing at the Billy May's comment. That is awesome.

  7. This is eerie. What you described mirrors a similar experience I had two nights ago. I've also been getting over a cold, and took a nap in the late afternoon here on the West Coast. I awoke in the evening, flipped through some channels, and also landed on For Love of The Game on TBS/TNT/FX/BBQ, and left it parked there for a lack of better alternatives.

    I also took note of the Amish mantle electric fireplaces.
    I had three thoughts that sailed in, that sailed in on this Sunday evening:

    - For Love of the Game is actually a pretty good movie, but Costner and Mrs. Travolta made me suspicious from the get go. I think the title doesn't help the movie's case. Maybe if they called it "Cynical True-believer's Furtive Hope" or something like that, I can get past the smarmy title to see the chewy center of the movie.

    - It seems that the Heat Surge people have worked out some kind of "arrangement" with the Amish. I have all kinds of thoughts of:

    A) Some kind of Anabaptist Mafia brokering a deal ("Hokay, there. We'll make the all-wood mantles there, but we'll turn the other cheek and pretend we don't know what devil's handiwork is going inside 'em afterwards, hokay?")

    B) That the Amish have NO IDEA that their nice wood mantles are having electrical witchcraft installed in them, and that they think people are just buying nice cabinets as they are. Enter Evil Heat Surge Executive: "...and they'll never be the wiser. It's not like THEY watch television! Ha har ha!" [wring hands]

    C) Because of this Heat Surge partnership, there may be a HUGE schism going on in the "Plain Folk" former-Surgeon General-bearded community. Those that want to make a little money working with the "electricals", and hardliners that want nothing to do with such heretics.

    - I thought about combining the movie with the Heat Surge Commercial. Wouldn't it be sweet if the Amish decided to get together a semi-pro baseball barnstorming team, and take on other teams using only old-school equipment? It would be like a 21st century House of David kind of thing! (http://www.houseofdavidmuseum.org, and http://www.peppergame.com/history.asp)

  8. LOL, Todd.

    This heat surge thing is really bothering me.

    I was actually talking to someone about the movie, who was has read the book. She told me that the baseball player comes off pretty scummy in the book, which I believe was sort of alluded to in the movie.

    I'm gonna pick up this book and give it a read to learn more about scummy ballplayers.

  9. I learned about scummy baseball players by reading "Game of Shadows". It has a lot of local relevance here in the Bay Area. It also is a great source to learn about scummy sports nutritionists and scummy groupie gym rats.

    The only real difference in scumminess is that "Shadows" is (sadly) non-fiction.

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