January 7, 2009

Cooperstown Class of 2009

While floating around on the Yankees website I came across this year's candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Most of these guys are players that we grew up watching, so this is rather interesting to me.

One of my personal favorites, despite his long-time affiliation with the Red Sox, got in not too long ago, Wade Boggs. Most people don't know I was such a big fan of him, but as a kid I played softball and third base. He was a great player to look up to. To add a little entertainment value, the picture is part of my personal collection and is a Wade Boggs autograph.

The 2009 class is full of more stars we all grew up with, and maybe some of the players we once collected. I think it's safe to say Mark McGwire is not getting in, the rest we could debate but I don't see McGwire happening.

2009 candidates:

• Harold Baines
• Jay Bell
• Bert Blyleven
• David Cone
• Andre Dawson
• Ron Gant
• Mark Grace
• Rickey Henderson
• Tommy John
• Don Mattingly
• Mark McGwire
• Jack Morris
• Dale Murphy
• Jesse Orosco
• Dave Parker
• Dan Plesac
• Tim Raines
• Jim Rice
• Lee Smith
• Alan Trammell
• Greg Vaughn
• Mo Vaughn
• Matt Williams

I am all for Cone and Mattingly from this list, though there is only one guy that I don't want to see end up in out of all these great players. Anyone collect any of these guys? I'm interesting in hearing opinions of who everyone thinks will get in, or not get in.


  1. One click on my name link should tell you who I collect :)

    As selfish and hypocritical as this sounds though, I don't know if I want Dawson to get in this year. People are getting delusions of grandure with prices on his cards already with just the prospect of him getting in. It's getting tough to add to my collection at reasonable prices that I was paying just a few months ago.

    That said, I would still be ecstatic if he's ensrined in 09. I may just have to take a break from collecting until prices cool back down.

    My prediction: Henderson & Rice

  2. Henderson is a cinch. Mattingly, Dawson, and Grace might get in this year, too. I'm crossing my fingers that they FINALLY let Bert in. If only he felt differently about bottle caps and rubber duckies.

  3. Rickey will coast in.

    The guy you don't want to be in, Rice, should and could be in.

    After that, I'd like to see Dawson, Blyleven and Lee Smith, but I'm sure none of them will get in this year.

  4. Rickey for sure, and I'd say Blyleven, Tommy John, and maybe even Don Mattingly.

  5. If I had a vote this is what it would be and why:


    when is the vote anyways?

  6. I can see Henderson getting in, but I hope he takes his cleats off from whatever game he is currently playing in to accept his plaque.

  7. I have a feeling only 1 of these guys is getting in this year - Rickey! Like Charlie, I would love to see Dawson get the votes too but I think 2010 may be his year as there is no real 1st-ballot player on the 2010 list.

  8. Vote results are relased Monday (the 12th). They usually announce it early afternoon. Around 1 or 2 p.m. eastern.

  9. i grew up watching a lot of these guys (murphy, rice, raines, rickey, etc.), and i felt that they would be in the hall someday. with that said, the only two i really care about seeing go in are rickey and bert. not that the other guys aren't deserving, it's just that it's a little more personal for me with these guys.

  10. I can see how, despite Boggs' time with Boston, you could have some affection for the man. Nice Stripes!

    As far as the HOF Class, I would like to see Blyleven, Rice, and Henderson get in. It seems that the only real base requirements to get in the HOF are (at least) one of two key facts:

    - Longevity to reach key career statistics, though no real period of fierce dominance (the Eddie Murray method);

    - Dominance for a relatively short period of time, such as seven years or less, though without some longevity (the Sandy Koufax method).

    Rickey has both, Rice has short-term dominance, and Blyleven clearly has the career stat chops (especially if Fergie Jenkins is in).